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i might log into this account sometimes. perhaps to look back at how much i've changed since middle school. it's been about 6 years, hasn't it? it's time to move on.

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Dreams (finally!)

01.17.11 : _o____ told me he never asked anyone on a date before. A huge crowd and I laughed at him. Then he asked me out. I said yes and kissed him.

01.19.11 : I was in a van with S_____, S's brother, K____, and L____. We went to this museum to learn about the history of Mexican people. We also had to form groups and answer questions that the tour guide gave us. I worked with S and K. S's brother went off to work with a group of guys around his age and L just disappeared. At the end, we were told the name of the museum (I can't remember the whole name, but it did start with "Santa Fe").


My first couple of dreams of the new year! It's been so long since I've actually dreamt it feels good to, even if the first dream I had was totally bizarre.


Oh dear, I should be asleep right now or studying for my math quiz tomorrow instead of reading blogs online. I'm envious of you writers out there. You do such a good job pouring out everything you feel so eloquently. I wish I could do that, but my writing is so choppy and clichéd.

Week 2 of winter quarter is almost ending and I feel as if I'm in week 5 or something. There is just so much to do, especially for chem lab! Write-ups, hw specifically for lab, calculations, flow charts, pre-lab stuff... Why art thou so unfair? And I'm so worried about the lab practical at the end of the quarter since it's like 50% of my grade. WHY ARE YOU WORTH SO MUCH?! I'M NOT EVEN A CHEM MAJOR GOSH. x_x

I shall update more later when I have time; perhaps this weekend since it's a 3-day weekend! TIME TO CATCH UP ON SLEEP AND HW. T-T

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letting go

2011 resolutions

As another year begins, I must once again make a list of new year resolutions to "break". lol

2011 New Year Resolutions (in the order it pops up in my head)

  1. lay off the junk food - This is going to be a very difficult thing for me to do since I'm in college, but I really should start eating "healthier" before I regret it later on.
  2. smile more - People think I suffer from depression because I don't smile enough. But I'm not even close to being depressed—I'm on the other end! I'm happy, happy, happy! Well, not really. I'm just content with everything. haha
  3. lose weight/work out more - freshman 15 sucks! My weight fluctuates... so I can't say much. :O

sleepless night, missed the meteor shower

My mom made me go to bed early yesterday and I ended up just rolling around. I was pretty restless so I got out of bed at 7 in the morning. A first for me in the past month since all my classes started at 10am, so I usually stayed in bed until 9. I should work on getting up early because I have 8am classes next quarter 3 days a week... It reminds me of high school and makes me wonder how I even managed to get up back then.

I remembered this morning that there was a meteor shower yesterday and I completely missed it! This is like the 4th meteor shower that I was somewhat aware of and I missed it! I suppose I must wait until next year for more chances then.

dreamless slumber

Ever since school started I haven't had any dreams and I haven't been sleeping too well either. The bed is too soft, people upstairs and outside are too noisy, I could go on about this. I kind of miss my messed up dreams where he would show up and either save me or ruin me because that's the only time where I could possibly be in his arms.


College has been wonderful! I don't even know how to describe how fun it is just to meet new people and explore the school. Everyone is beyond friendly and nice. I wish my hometown was this nice.

Bipolar weather scares me, but then again we can blame global climate change for it. Record highs in temperatures and cold, rainy days within days of one another is unbelievable.

This is just a short little update! I'm swamped with work even if it is Friday. I can't take a chance to slack off because everyone's so brilliant here and I don't want to end up on the wrong end of the curve... x_x
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Name Analyzer


You are a highly social and open-minded person who is willing to date all sorts of people and try new things. You're also a great kisser!

On the other hand, however, you are very aware of how things look to others. You may not mind shaking things up in your personal life, but you would never do anything that would hurt your reputation or image.

Because you're so in tune with how the world perceives you, having a good-looking love partner is quite important to you. You also prefer your sweetheart to be fairly intelligent. Someone who looks cute to the world and who can have a good conversation with you is what you're looking for.

You like a good fight too... nothing too personal, but arguing gets you excited and keeps you from getting bored with your partner! A smart date would debate opinions and ideas with you whenever you start to yawn, 'cause keeping your mind stimulated is a big part of winning you over.

You have an affectionate nature and you like a lot of hugging and kissing in your relationships. You also adore flirting and you do it a lot. You will talk to your friends a lot about anyone you're interested in, to make sure your crushes meet their approval.

dream 082710

I dreamt that I lived at A____'s house with W_____ and his roommate. I woke them up telling them about this carnival, but only W_____ ended up going. I asked if I could go with him, but all he wanted from me were the keys to his car, which were in the locked mailbox outside. I unlocked the mailbox to give him his keys and he drove off.


This is the most passive dream I've ever had that dealt with him. No one got hurt, except for me because he wouldn't drive me to the carnival. ):

dream 081510

I dreamt that I attended another SPOP. I remember walking around the buildings at UCI and entering a room where all the parents were at and there was a huge punch bowl full of ice cream sandwiches of every possible ice cream flavor out there, but I wasn't allowed to have one because I was a student. The day passed and before I knew it, it was time to sign in and go to our respective dorms. Everyone was gone except for me and one of the staffers said that I wasn't given a room because I attended SPOP already. Strangely, the residence halls didn't look like actual buildings, rather they appeared to be huge classroom portables. I left and ended up walking to this park that looked exactly like Suzanne Park.
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